Exciting arrival: Introducing the Fendt Momentum planter!

AgWest Fendt planter

AgWest is thrilled to announce the arrival of the Fendt Momentum Planter, a valuable addition to our machinery lineup. The Momentum® planter combines powerful technology with practicality, providing you with greater control over the planting process.

Maximizing yield potential

At AgWest, we understand that maximizing yield begins with control. With the Fendt Momentum planter, maximizing performance and efficiency leads to better yields with reduced time and expense. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Fendt Momentum planter, designed to ensure accuracy, minimize compaction, and cover more acres efficiently.

Cutting-edge features

The Fendt Momentum planter is packed with cutting-edge features to enhance performance and efficiency. From its Load Logic™ Weight Management System, to its Vertically Contouring Toolbar (VCT), and Integrated Precision Planting technology.

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