The Fendt 300 has a long history of serving customers globally with all the key innovations that Fendt is known for, like our Vario CVT transmission, suspension systems, and unmatched fuel efficiency, but in a more compact design. The 300 features the all-new FendtONE driver’s workstation, that delivers ultimate comfort, control, and convenience, thanks to a highly customized operating environment. This series is perfect for dairy farms, livestock operations, feedlots, as well as municipalities and specialty applications that demand unmatched performance, quality and adaptability.

314 DynamicPerformance: More than one step ahead.

DynamicPerformance (DP), Fendt’s added power concept for higher productivity.

The Fendt 314 Vario DP has a maximum engine power of 152 hp at an impressive torque of 479 ft./lbs. The innovative power-boost concept DP releases up to 10 hp more power when it’s needed. It is not tied to driving speeds or special operational tasks, but works dynamically. Typically, the engine power of tractors is distributed across numerous power demands—such as the PTO, hydraulics, engine fans and air conditioning. 

The system detects when certain components need more power and then provides it through smart control. DP works at a standstill—such as with your feed mixer wagon—just as it does on the move. DP also kicks in for groundwork and for slow transport journeys according to the power required. The extra 10 hp is great for farms that want a compact, but powerful tractor with reserves.

High ground clearance for plant protection, even in late growth stages

Plant protection and fertilization in late growth stages increase yield. The 300 offers you the high ground clearance required for this. 19.6” for use with special crops. 19.6” = for the tire options: 270/95 R32 front and 270/95 R48 rear. This works really well for row crop vegetables and specialty crops.


kW hp
311 Vario 83* 113*
312 Vario 90* 123*
313 Vario 98* 133*
314 Vario 104* 142*

* Maximum power to ECE R 120