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For almost 50 years, Willmar has set the benchmark for precision and efficiency in dry fertilizer spreaders and tenders. Willmar spreaders allow you to apply fertilizer and other materials to your fields with maximum accuracy and efficiency. Farmers who use Willmar spreaders benefit from increased crop yields and, most importantly, greater profits.

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Willmar spreaders and tenders feature rugged and durable construction, which can considerably decrease your cost of ownership in the long run. Known for their remarkable agility, Willmar spreaders are easy to maneuver for both new and seasoned users. With recommended maintenance and care from an authorized Willmar dealer, these ruggedly built loaders, spreaders and tenders provide years of reliable service.

Our extensive collection of new and used Willmar equipment, including loaders, spreaders, tenders and Willmar parts can help you apply fertilizer and other materials to your fields with greater precision and efficiency.

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Product lines

  • S-150
  • S-500
  • S-600/S-800
  • Side- & rear-discharge tenders